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Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

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  1. The Most Sneaky Google AdWords Tricks, these little known marketing tricks that can double, triple ...even QUADRUPLE visitors to any website.
  2. My Interview Blueprint is a system I use to create brand new products in 24 hours or less without being the niche "Expert".
  3. How To Make Money Online With Out a Website will open your mind to the many ways online to generate an income without owning a product or website.
  4. The Million Dollar Niche is the system I use to methodically pick profitable niches at will from every day normal things.

These training programs are packed with content, and best of all it's the type of information that you can apply in 20 - 30 minutes and start seeing real, live cash-in-the-bank results!

Because as you'll soon see, when you go through one of our training programs you enter...

"The No Theory Zone"

What do I mean by "The No Theory Zone"?

Well it's simple. A lot of training programs talk about stuff that used to work (or worse) should work (but maybe doesn't).

Our tips, tricks and tweaks, however, are backed up by real-world tests performed across multiple markets.

  • When we tell you one little tweak you can make to all your ads to double your click-through rate AND, your website traffic it's because we've tried it and IT WORKS!
  • When we reveal the one simple secret that will allow you to create brand new high quality info products in 24 hours or less... without ever meeting with an expert!
  • When we tell you the EXACT fool proof way of uncovering "hyper active" customers PROVEN to have a RECENT buying history.
  • And when we tell you a way to find many super niches to suit your needs, it's because we've tried it and IT WORKS!

So in other words, when we tell you something works... IT WORKS... and it WILL make you more money!

Here's a closer look at the money-getting training courses you're about to receive:

Course Descriptions:

Training #1: Sneaky Google AdWords PPC Tricks

Value $97

Sneaky Google AdWords PPC Tricks are unknown marketing tricks which are the results of over 3 years of testing on many pay-per-click accounts for clients and myself and you can copy these secrets in under 3 hours.

These results personally cost us thousands of dollars and over 3 years to compile. Dollar for dollar and minute for minute, watching Sneaky Google AdWords Tricks and implementing them in your own business is quite possibly the highest quality and best way to get lots of very targeted visitors to any website, FAST!

Training #2: The Interview Blueprint

Value $97

One of the most common things I hear from people who want to get started selling online or expand their online business into other niche markets is “I don’t have a product” or “I can’t create products, I’m not an expert on anything”.

I’ve got good news for you, I’m going to walk you through my easy “Product Creation” method and show you exactly how to create high quality products in 24 hours or less, without being the expert.

If you’re ready to finally have a product of your own, or add a few new ones to you’re catalog you need my Interview Blueprint product creation system.

Training #3: How To Make Money Online With Out a Website

Value $97

n How To Make Money Online With Out a Website you willdiscover the must know secrets about how to profit online while not owning a website, just like the BIG time underground marketers.

There are lots of ready made market places with millions of people who have been trained to buy over and over again who are waiting for you to offer them a product or service.

In this training you'll discover where these people hangout online and how to put your offer in front of them.

Training #4: The Million Dollar Niche Report

Value $97

Fact: There are only three steps to success online.

#1 Pick a profitable niche

#2 Send traffic

#3 Make money

The hardest part is picking a profitable niche so you can get started the right way. In The Million Dollar Niche Report you will discover the 'How To' when picking a niche, allowing you to take advantage of as many profitable niches as you want.

And now you can get this (plus 3 other profit-pulling training) for just $1...

Again, sold separately these training programs retail for $97 each, but I think you'd agree after reading those descriptions that each one of them is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars when placed in the hands of an online business owner like you...

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Here's the deal: If you were to invest in these programs individually, you would pay $97 for each of them. We're not exaggerating when we say this is a real world value of $396!

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    "If these four training programs normally sell for $97 a piece, why would we give them to you for just $1?"

The truth is, it's a BRIBE!

No, we're not kidding.

You see, while we're willing to give you our best-selling training programs for just $1, we're not gonna hand them over just "willy-nilly"...

    For starters, some of our best customers have already paid almost $400 for this exact same information, so we need to keep this offer truly limited.

    Also, we've invested over 100 hours of time in research, testing and production, and the idea of handing over so much valuable information for a measly dollar makes our stomach turn.

So what's the bribe...

Why Are We Willing To Part With Four of Our Best-Selling Courses for Only $1?

If you want to get instant access to:

  1. Sneaky Google AdWords Tricks (Value $97) 
  2. The Million Dollar Niche (Value $97) 
  3. How To Make Money Online With Out a Website (Value $97) 
  4. The Interview Blueprint (Value $97) 

...all for just $1, all we ask is that you take a free, 14-day trial to our "Gold Coaching" Program.

The "Gold Coaching" is our private members-only area where we reveal EXACTLY what's working in our different online businesses.

You see, unlike a lot of online marketers that TEACH (but don't DO), we operate REAL online businesses in REAL markets that have nothing to do with making money online. And as a "Gold Coaching" member, you'll get behind-the-scenes access to all our businesses.

Here's just a taste of what you receive each month as a member of the Gold Coaching Program:

  • The monthly "Gold Coaching Reports" that outlines a specific marketing campaign or strategy we're testing in one of our niche businesses. These video reports are pure gold, and virtually every online marketing "guru" subscribes AND READS what we put out...
  • "Yes Interviews" expert interview series where we talk to known gurus as well as unknown, underground millionaires about exactly what made them successful...
  • Bonus marketing software and tools that are 100% free for you to use...
  • Continuously updated split-test results from all our different businesses. (This is the surest way to get a snapshot of what's working in our businesses before we report it to the rest of the world...)
  • Dozens of Case Studies of "Underground Marketers" and what they're doing to drive traffic and generate conversions
  • Video Tutorials, Reviews, Tips, Tricks and Tactics
  • And much, much more...

And you get 14 days absolutely free!

After your free 14-day trial, your membership will automatically be renewed at the Charter Membership Rate of $47...and you can cancel at any time.

Of course, if you decide to cancel before your 14-day trial, you'll never be billed and our four top-selling training courses are yours to keep forever!

All you really "risk" is the $1 (and to be honest if you truly don't think the four training programs above are worth a $1, we'll refund that as well).

Why? Well I want to make an investment into your success, and know you do to.

So what are you waiting for...


Claim Your $1 Access Now!

To Success,

Dwayne Kerr

P.S. We said it earlier and we're gonna say it again...

It's not in our best interest to give away our most popular, top-selling training courses for just $1, so once this webinar ends so does this offer.

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